OBSESSION. It really kills us. Talk of money, wealth ,prestige, talk about…you name it has a deep and great impact in our society. Yes, I am insinuating about the type of hybrid leaders we experience especially in the developing countries commonly referred to as Third World. In this time and era some still have … More LIGHT UP THE WORLD


Life is a matter of give and take Which all of us partake To acquire our daily cake By being honest and not fake   To get the real meaning You have to have the feeling That your problems one day Will be “light as hay”   Am busy wasting my ink Giving hope from … More MEANING OF LIFE


The five-lettered word which happens to be my country is my pride and identity, Kenya. Vast resources brings a message to the globe on how powerful She is.I am going to share a bit of what brings me out as a wholesome person. Culture plays a major role for a society to move on swiftly. … More MY LAND IS KENYA